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Digital & Floral Print Chiffon Saree. 


A digital & floral print chiffon saree is a design that features flowers or other botanical elements in various colors and sizes. Flower prints are versatile and timeless, suitable for any occasion. They can also express different moods and personalities, depending on the type and color of the flowers. The length of the saree can vary from 5 to 9 yards, depending on the style and preference of the wearer.

 Blouse Piece:

  • To make a complete attire you will get a running with Printed Blouse piece (0.8 meters separate) with Saree (6 meters) which you can Stitch as per your own design style and size.


The Chiffon is a sheer fabric made from silk, cotton, nylon, or polyester. It is smooth, soft, and flowing, making it ideal for draping and creating elegant silhouettes.

Fashion Tip:

A digital and floral print chiffon saree can be worn on various occasions, such as weddings, festivals, formal events, or casual gatherings. It can give the wearer a contemporary and elegant look, as well as a feminine charm.


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