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BMW Flower

BMW Flower

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Floral Design Printed Chiffon Saree.


A floral design printed chiffon saree has various patterns of flowers printed on the fabric, which can be of different colors and sizes.

Some of the benefits of this saree are:

  • It is comfortable and easy to drape.
  • It has a smooth and soft texture that feels good on the skin.
  • It has vibrant and attractive colors that can enhance the wearer’s appearance.
  • It has a variety of designs and motifs that can suit different preferences and personalities.

 Blouse Piece:

To make a complete attire you will get a running with Striped Blouse piece (0.8 meters separate) with Saree (6 meters) which you can Stitch as per your own design style and size.


Chiffon is a type of fabric that has a light, airy, and elegant appearance. It is made by weaving yarns with alternating twists, which creates a slight puckering and a shimmery surface.

Fashion Tip:

Floral Design Printed Chiffon Saree They can be accessorized with jewelry, footwear, bags, etc. to enhance your look. Chiffon sarees are a beautiful and elegant choice for women who love to wear sarees.

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